January 1, 2012

Gluten free in London

At the beginning of December we decided to take a quick trip to London since we are basically just across the English Channel from London! Here are some of my recommendations for restaurants.

Mermaid's Tail

Gluten free fish and chips here! However staff does not speak very good English. My husband and I both ordered fish and chips (one obviously GF) and when they delivered them to us, the server was unable to tell which one was gf. But thankfully the chef came out to show me. I am not sure if they fry it in a dedicated fryer, so I might be weary of cross contamination. I was just so excited to eat gf fish and chips that I was willing to risk a little cc. However, I didn't feel sick at all afterwards. And the fish and chips are DELICIOUS!

This place offers gf muffins, which I was so excited about. I don't think I have ever had a gf muffin that wasn't made either in my house or a friend’s house. However, the muffin was honestly disgusting. If it hadn't have had chocolate chips in it I probably would have thrown it away after taking the first bite. Yes it was that bad. Not sure if any of you have tried any of their other muffins or have different reviews, but this is my opinion. Also I am not sure how careful they are with cc. This is an unfortunate side effect of eating gf getting so trendy. Many places are able to boast that they serve gf meals, but you aren't exactly sure if they understand the dangers of cc for us with celiac disease, intolerances, or allergies. So my view, skip this one.

Chiquito(leicester square)
This is a tex mex place right on Leicester square. Honestly we were a bit weary that it might be a tourist trap, meaning high prices, bad food. But it was amazing! They had gluten free enchiladas on the meaning and the food was authentic Mexican in my opinion. It was such a nice change from the oh so French cuisine in France! Mostly we were impressed with actually getting to eat REAL sour cream! The staff was really friendly and he prices were affordable. I HIGHLY recommend this place.

Great staff, great Italian food. This place has wonderful homemade good quality Italian food. The staff was incredibly friendly and very knowledgeable about gf. We stopped here for lunch and really enjoyed the atmosphere as well.

Masala Zone
Amazing gf Indian food here. Upon saying I needed to eat gf, the manager came right over and explained what dishes I could have, which was most of the menu. You get a great mix of dishes here and you get a lot of bang for your buck! I felt very comfortable eating here and the food was some of the best Indian I have had EVER!

Japanese take away restaurant with gf options. I was given a list of items I could and couldn't eat. Not a whole lot of options. The sushi was sub-par, but the soup I had was incredible. I would go back again just for the soup, but stay away from the sushi.


We also stayed at an amazing hotel that had gf options. It is called the London Elizabeth hotel right in front of Hyde park and steps away from the metro. They were able to provide me with gf bread for breakfast. They also had a selection of boiled eggs, fruit, and yogurt. I didn't have the English breakfast, but I am sure they have gf options for that as well. It is a bit pricey, but we were able to get a great deal on lastminute.com.


Liz said...

I've been to Muffinskis - their spinach and cheese savoury muffins are much better than the sweet ones.

You should also try Mildreds, it is a vegetarian resturant with GF marked on the menu and does an amazing huloumi dish.

Kim said...

You missed out on some great gluten free places in London... stay clear of the chains and head to independent restaurants and cafes. Plus there is a dedicated GF bakery in South London too.

Katherine said...

Hi Kim,
Thanks for the comment! Do you have any restaurants to recommend? And I will definitely try the gf bakery when I go back to london!