October 13, 2012

Helmut Newcake in Paris

Well I recently discovered the ULTIMATE gluten free find....FRESH gluten free pastries! Yup that's right, traditional French pastries, all of which are gluten free. I was in heaven. I had to go to Paris this last week for a doctor's appointment to complete my Canadian immigration papers and decided to make the most of it. I have a German friend living in Paris who happened to be not working that day, so we planned an outing together. And keep in mind an outing for me means looking for all the best gluten free restaurants or stores in the city. I don't care about the sightseeing or the history; just show me the gf treats! Before going to Paris I came across Helmut Newcake. Well actually I am lying...I heard of this place a while back and just never happened to be in the area around this place the last couple times I have visited Paris. So this time I made it my mission to go there! My friend and I found the restaurant easy enough and actually it is in a really nice area of Paris. We were greeted by friendly staff and decided to sit in their somewhat solarium seating area, which was tastefully decorated and very cozy feeling. Each day they have a couple of lunch specials, so we decided to not only sample their pastries but to order some lunch as well. We both decided on the quiche, which was very flavorful and accompanied with a green salad and the best vinaigrette I have had in France yet! I also had a cup of tea which was served in a cute little "china" cup and a matching tea pot. For dessert I could not decide on which pastry I wanted, so my friend and I decided to split three. We tried the chocolate ├ęclair, a chocolate religieuse, and a tarte aux fruits rouge. All three were absolutely incredible and I was shocked at how moist they were (since we all know gf items can be very dry!). I then decided to take home a chocolate ├ęclair and another tarte aux fruits rouge, both of which I promptly ate when I arrived home! This place is a must. The staff was incredibly friendly (which does not always happen in France) and the food was absolutely amazing. So if you are in Paris, DO NOT SKIP THIS PLACE!!