December 16, 2012

Gluten Free in Belgium/ Sans gluten en Belgique

I spent 4 days this week in Belgium, which was amazing! So here are the gf spots I discovered. Brugge Gluten Free beer at the bar 2be! It looks like a grocery store, but if you go past the store towards the back there is a bar with an amazing outdoor patio. Just ask for the gluten free beer. It is called Mongozo. 2be: Wollestraat 53 Restaurants: 't Grillkasteeltje: Gevangenisstraat 1 This restaurant offers meat options accompanied by fries and a salad. This restaurant was highly recommended on Tripadvisor. I am not sure if their fries are fried in dedicated fryers, as I am usually not too sensitive with that. So I would ask if this is an issue for you! The food, ambiance, and servers were great here. However, when you ask for your steak make sure to ask for exactly what you want. I asked for medium because in France often times the steaks are not cooked enough. But I found my steak exactly to be medium, which is in fact too cooked for me! They also unfortunately didn't offer any deserts here. I also found online that the Park Restaurant and the Gruthouse Hef can do gluten free. We wanted to eat at the Park Restaurant, but they were full. You must make reservations in advance. Ghent Ghent is a very beautiful city, but I really recommend Brugge if you are hesitately between the two. We only spent a couple hours in Ghent and I found it less touristic than Brugge. Brasserie Savarin: Vrijdagsmarkt 17 I had the waterzooi chicken here which was quite good and gluten free! I have heard that this dish is often gf, you just need to make sure they don't put flour in it. Brussels Gluten Free Beer! Bar delirium: Impasse de la Fidélité 4A. This place will please your gf and gluten drinking friends! They have over 2,000 varieties of beer! They serve the same gf beer here as in Brussels, Mongozo. Restaurants: Publico: Kartuizerstraat 32 I had a great risotto here that was gf! There were not a lot of options for me, as it was mostly a pasta place, but the food was amazing and the service outstanding. Just be aware that they don't take credit cards. Comics Cafe: Place du Grand Sablon 8 I had a hamburger with fries here (no bread). It was the best cheeseburger I've had in a while. Again not sure about the fries if they are friend in a dedicated fryer, but I didn't have any problems. Toscana 21: Rollebeekstraat 21 GREAT gf pasta here. They were very aware and gave me all my options for pasta and for dessert. Bed and Breakfast: 7 rue de L'eclipse I highly recommend this B&B! Owned by Italians, it was really new, clean, and had a great atmosphere. They have some gf options for breakfast, yogurt, cheese, hard boiled eggs, and then I brought my own bread. It is centrally located and cost 170 euros for two nights. You can find it on Other advice: I read that most of the street fries are gf and fried in dedicated fryers. I didn't try any but this is an option for some food on the go!