September 14, 2011

Gluten free air travel: which company to take!

"Living" in three different locations I travel a lot. My new routine has become spending 10 months in France, 1 month in Alaska (sometimes fitting in a trip to see my relatives in Washington), and 1 month in Quebec. Unfortunately all of these trips require travelling by plane and spending time in airports, which is always difficult for celiacs. However, after travelling so much I have some tips on which airlines provide can off you a good gf experience

Airline companies:

Alaska Airlines: Do not provide free meals anymore, but what airline does?? However, they do offer a gluten free option. Check out the link below! I am pretty excited about this option, as I frequently use this airline to travel between Alaska and Montreal.

KLM: This company provides gf meals and they are very careful about CC. They give you your meal before anyone else, it is completely wrapped in plastic and takes a bit of time to open! I have flown this company two separate times. Once to Africa, and once to Dallas, TX. The first time to Africa the food was amazing. However, this last time, which was only 3 weeks ago, the food was almost to the point of disgusting. Definitely gf, but I had to force myself to eat some of it so I wouldn't be hungry on the 10 hour flight.

Airtransat: GF meal available upon request. However it is also the kosher meal. For breakfast I was served veggies, cheese and NON gf crackers. I was also served a meal for dinner, which was decent and I didn't get sick, so I am assuming it was gf even if there was a mix up wiht the crackers.

XL Airways:
No gf meals available. Bring your own snacks!!

British Airways: Good gf meals available. However, they forgot my meal on one flight (Seattle to London). Instead, they offered me a really good salad from business class, which did kind of make up for it and thankfully I had eaten before getting on the plane. But I was left with just a yogurt and gf brownie that some lady gave me in the plane. However, had no problems on the return flight.

Luftansa: Good food, great service. But forgot one of my gf meals on the flight Frankfurt to Seattle. Found another meal and made sure it was gf, so I was able to have something thankfully.

Condor: AMAZING gf meals. You pay extra for them, but definitely worth it. I had a way better meal than my husband. In fact he wished he was eating mine!

Kenyan airways: GF option available.


Gluten Free in Quebec said...

I flew Delta between Montreal and Istanbul (via JFK) last year. I was provided with good GF dinners and breakfasts both ways (except that on the return flight they included Kellogg's Corn Flakes for the breakfast).

Katherine said...

That's great to hear Delta provides meals too! How did the food taste?

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