September 4, 2011

Gluten free eats in Anchorage, AK

Let's be honest...I love to eat. I really think eating is one of my favorite activities in life. So being gluten free, I really look to obtain that ultimate gf eating experience. Sure now at most restaurants you can easily eat gluten free. But does that mean you are eating the same thing as the person next to you? Probably not. Often times you are served a chicken breast with nothing else, maybe some sautéed veggies if you are lucky. Which makes me immediately think "why did I eat here and why am I paying 15 dollars for this??" So over the past couple years I have eaten my way (gluten free of course) through my hometown of Anchorage. Now whenever I head home each summer I know exactly where to eat and I have secretly made a list of places that I have to eat at before I leave. Although I can't guarantee this mad rush of restaurant eating as healthy, I can guarantee that it is absolutely worth the experience. So folks here is my "secret" must eat at restaurant list in Anchorage.

This place has NEVER let me down. You can really order whatever you want and if it isn't gluten free, they will deliciously modify it to be gf. And trust me it is pretty much the same thing if not better than what the person next to you is eating! I recommend the bacon wrapped dates and any fish dish.

I have eaten a lot at this place since being diagnosed. They have always catered to my needs and now they have a whole gf menu! Great atmosphere and great location downtown. I recommend the red curry dish.

Bear tooth
Moose's tooth's brother. This place probably will go even more gf in the next year since Moose's tooth now offers gf pizza. I imagine Bear Tooth will integrate it shortly. However, as of now you can get a lot of gf dishes at this place, without modifications. Just ask and the server will be able to check for you. On the grill side I enjoy the enchiladas. However on the theater pub side I recommend the Mandarin Chicken Salad. Seriously where else can you eat gf while watching a movie for 3 bucks?

Snow City Cafe
The BEST breakfast place ever. And now they mark which items are gf on their menu! There is a big wait time for this place, especially on weekends. But you can choose to do the call ahead option (call and put your name on the list as you leave your house). This usually saves you about 20 or 30 minutes of waiting.

Ray's Place
Great Vietnamese restaurant where you can bring your own soy sauce! They will cook with it to make your dish gf. Just make sure to ask them to use clean utensils, and avoid cross contamination. I recommend their Pho soup, it is to die for!

Crow's Nest
Great place for a romantic evening. The chef will cater to your needs. It is a bit pricy, but between the delectable treats and breathtaking view, you won't be disappointed.

Even though this place is Italian and Italian for me flashes a big read NO sign, this place is very aware of catering to gf needs and allergies. They have delicious food and an awesome bar atmosphere. Great bar area to go on a date or meet up with friends.

And finally for Mexican food you can really eat anywhere. Alaska has the most amazing Mexican restaurants. Waiters are usually very knowledgeable and I can almost always eat fajitas or enchiladas (just ask about the sauces). I recommend La Cabana in downtown or Hacienda. For those of you who live in AK you can always find great coupons for these places on the backs of receipts. So enjoy and don't be afraid to eat your gluten free way through Anchorage!!


TravGlutenFree said...


I just stumbled across your blog. I run a gluten free travel website and was hoping that you may allow me to use some of your reviews on the site to help fellow travellers? I would link back to your blog with credit and happily subscribe for future updates.

Many thanks,

Katherine said...

Hi Mike,

Yes of course you can use some of my reviews for your website! I hope they are helpful and please check back for more posts!


TravGlutenFree said...

Many thanks Katherine.

I have added the reviews to the site so please check them out here:

Thanks again,

Phyllis said...

I just ran across your blog as I was looking for recommendations for managing GF in mid-Montreal (I'm heading to a conference there in Nov). I'm a fellow Alaskan, cook, celiac, and world traveler. Have been teaching GF cooking classes here in Fairbanks. Since retirement am traveling a lot, biking and (de)touring in France (you might enjoy my article "France sans pain," @, Argentina, New Zealand. Heading to Tasmania for Jan-Feb. Each trip is a culinary adventure. Bet you've enjoyed cooking in Rouen.
Thanks for your reviews,

Katherine said...

Hi Phyllis,

Thanks for you comment! I will definitely read your travel story about France! How is gf in Fairbanks? I haven't been up there since I was diagnosed. And please let me know if you need anymore information about Montreal and where to eat. I live there every summer for about over a month, so I have definitely found my favorite places. I recommend Ottavio for the mussels, fries, and pasta. La carreta for their pupusa's. And don't forget to stop by the marche Jean-Talon. There is a gf crepe place there and a pastry shop right when you walk in the doors, in front of the crepe place that offers gf items (I haven't tried them yet though!). I will get a post up soon about the marche and its gf eats. Enjoy and again let me know if you need any recommendations for Montreal!

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