January 3, 2011


Happy New Year! Wow, what a whirlwind these last couple of months have been. I have been neglecting my blog mostly due to the fact that 1. I am working as an English teacher, 2. I am taking French classes here at the university, 3. I am doing grad school online, and 4. FP is cooking more than me! So I have not come up with too many crazy new exciting recipes lately.

Another big thing to mention is that we are not in Briancon this year! Right before we were going to leave Quebec to come back to France, we found out the team in Briancon folded. So for obvious reasons we had to change teams. After a couple frantic days we were told that Rouen was interested in FP, so we packed our stuff and went north past Paris instead of south and into the mountains. Things have been wonderful here and I am enjoying the new experience. We have not eaten out much here, so I have no comments about the restaurants around town, but I do have to say that France is getting way ahead in the GF department. They now carry GF pasta, bread, crackers, cookies, etc at the normal supermarket for half the price of the stuff in the bio stores. I have also applied to the social security to get my reimbursement from the government for being Celiac. Yup, that is right. I am going to get paid 45 euros a month for my GF food! Thank you France!

So for those of you traveling to this area I can point you in the right direction for GF food! And I will include some recipes ASAP!!! But until than Happy New Year and I hope everyone had a good GF holiday season!


Hockey Wife said...

Hey! I hadn't been reading your blog because I thought you stopped writing! Gah ... I was advertising for you for a while, and I still link to your page on my links tab!

Gluten Free Alaskan Goddess said...

I know!!! I haven't written in so long, but I am going to start again as I am starting to be less busy!!! So check back in!

Réka said...

I'm travelling to Rouen soon.
Please can you give me any adive where it is worth to eat out or buy GF food???
Thank you very much!!!!

Katherine said...

Hi Reka,

Are you staying in downtown Rouen? The best place to buy gf food is in the bio stores located in downtown. There are two stores (magasin bio) that I have visited downtown that had many gf items. They are called "la vie claire" and there are two locations. One 74 rue ours, and the other 23 place st. marc. However, the one I usually go to is accross the river at 28 rue Mare du Parc. I go there every week and they have a huge supply of gf items located in the back by the refrigerated items.

As for eating out, there are many places that offer gf options. I highly reccomend le bistroquet chez cedric on 220 rue martainville. I have eaten there a couple times and I was able to eat almost everything on their menu. And if the item did contain gluten, they modified it to make it gf. Another restaurant that I ate at, but was not completely sure of (as after I explained I couldn't eat gluten they brought me a piece of bread on my soup!) was Le 6ème sens at 2 Rue Thomas Corneille. It has very delicious food, but not as many gf options as the other. For lunch you can find many places in the little "piazzas" to have a salad or hamburger with no bun (which many French people eat). So enjoy and please let me know if you have any other questions!

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Brooke said...

Hi Reka,

Where is a bakery that bakes fresh GF bread in Rouen? I always find a spot in every European city I stay in, but haven't found one here yet. I don't do the packaged gf stuff as it's so dry and tasteless and not nutritionally great. I'd rather just stick to potatoes, rice, quinoa etc than eat packaged gf breads and crackers but I LOVE how great the fresh baked gf bread is in Europe. Have been buying it in every major city I've stayed in in Europe since 2005 when I lived in Florence (who had a lot of options back then, way ahead of the US!)
My favorite meal is fresh bread, and some amazing French cheese. I'm sad until I find my break purveyor... please tell me the inside scoop! :)