February 16, 2009

A gluten Free Safari in Tanzania

Jambo!!! I am finally home from my traveling across the world and I could not be happier. It was an amazing trip and full of wonderful memories, but lets face it...I am exhausted! I also just played host for the past week, as my cousin and friend were visiting. Now I have 3 whole days to myself before my boyfriend's Mom comes for a visit. So I am enjoying the quiet house while I can! As for my trip to Africa, where do I even begin!

My family, best friend from AK(who thankfully brought her Dad's huge professional camera), and I went on an 8 day safari across Tanzania. It was incredible. We saw everything from Leopard babies, A Cheetah catching a Hare, thousands of Zebras, Baboons climbing on our car, Lions right next to our car, and the list goes on and on forever. Our driver was wonderful and the accommodations were more then we could ask for. We stayed in tent camps for the majority of the time and were literally in the wild with the animals!! I woke up to an elephant pushing over a tree in the middle of the night right outside my tent! Now that is a memory! But one of the best parts of the trip was the food. It was the most delicious food I have ever had in my life and completely Gluten Free! The owner of the safari company was aware of my situation and informed all the tent camps and lodges we stayed at of my needs. They were so great about making sure my food was gluten free and I even got a couple special food items made for me! I just took along my own bread and cereal to eat in the morning. For lunch they always packed me a meal of chicken, boiled eggs, fresh fruit, nuts, and salad. For dinners I enjoyed Indian dishes, perfectly spiced chicken dishes, fresh fish, and many other wonderful items. I was even able to eat dessert every night, which consisted of fruit and custard toppings made with corn starch. I can not recommend this experience enough. It is a bit of a pricy endeavor, but if you are looking for a vacation never to forget this is it! Not once did I have to worry that I would go hungry and I got to see the most amazing wildlife and scenery possible in the world!!!

Safari Company:

Tanzania Adventures

Parks Visited:

Serengeti (both north and south)
Lake Manyara
Ngorongoro Crater

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Alaskan Goddess Mom said...

You posted wonderful pictures and descriptions of our safari in Tanzania. It truly was a once in a lifetime experience made very special by having our daughter and her friend along with us. "For sure!" I have just a couple of corrections on the spelling of 2 of the game parks, in case others are looking to find them online. Mynara is spelled Manyara and the game park is Lake Manyara, home to flocks of flamingos and troops of baboons and monkeys. Terengere is spelled Tarangire and is home to large herds of elephants. We loved the safari!